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  • Who we are!

    Our desire is to guide children through Bible study and various activities to connect kids with Jesus Christ and help them to experience a personal relationship with God. We are committed to building a partnership with parents to provide a total ministry to children.


    Our amazing group of volunteers use their gifts and talents to teach meaningful lessons, interact with questions and answers, lead fun games, and utilize video to lead exciting worship songs, and thrilling bible stories!

  • Our ministries



    Our preschool ministry is a part of both our Kid Connection and Code 9 children's program. Preschool years are filled with astounding growth and rapid development. Studies show that children between birth and six years learn over half of all they will learn in life during these formative years. Every time young children come to our ministry, they are taught from the Bible.



    Kid Connection is our Sunday morning worship service for kids. We walk 1st - 5th grade students through the Bible chronologically. Students see the Jesus connection in the Old Testament and apply the stories o

    CODE 9


    Code 9 is our Wednesday Night Kids Program that runs from September through May. At Code 9 Club students are divided into the appropriate age groups of:

    Little 9’s – Pre-k & Kindergarten

    1st grade – 2nd grade

    3rd grade – 5th grade

    Code 9 consists of four elements: games, worship, stories, and small group discussion. We play games to teach kids to work as a team and to follow rules. During worship we sing fun, worshipful songs. During stories, students hear a story or bible lesson that is always applicable to where they are in life. In small group discussion, each child gets that one-on-one attention with their leader. The leader reviews bible story heard in lesson time and together they work on applicable verses. The leader explains the meaning of the verse and its application. Our goal is that kids will memorize nine key verses in the Bible that will help andguide them through life.

    Little 9’s have their own songs, stories and games as well as a craft and treat time.

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